Exhibitor Fee: $75.00

(Includes 1 6ft table & 2 chairs for both event days of Feb. 22-23, 2020).

A questioner will be emailed to you within 24 hrs to add your info to marketing material and program booklet. This is optional. Your table will be reserved if you fill the form out or not.


Exhibitor Registration includes 1 standard 6ft display table and 2 chairs. Electrical Power will be provided through the World Beat Center default access points, however not guaranteed for all situations. It is suggested you provide your own extension cords and or charging devices. Table cloths will be provided (however you may use your own).

The cost to reserve a table for Black Comix Day 2020: Heroes Rise III is $75.00 for all exhibitor tables. Only 1 table per exhibitor is allowed. Currently there is a total of 30 tables available. The Deadline to reserve a table is December 15, 2019.  Tables may sell-out before the deadline date. If tables are available after Dec. 15, 2019 the cost to reserve 1 will be $150.00 Refunds are only offered within 24 hours of purchasing a table. Contact Keithan Jones at keithan.j@gmail.com to request a refund.

Note: This is a Black History Month event and we require that you only exhibit Afrocentric and or African-American featured  characters, stories, art (not every character in your stories have to be of African decent).

Once you have paid your $75.00 fee, you will be emailed a questioner. It will ask you the following: 1. General Info about you and your art. This is a child friendly event- (NO PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL ALLOWED. BCD organizers reserve the right to refuse service to any exhibitor or attendee based on what we consider offensive / dangerous material). 2. Short Bio 3. A quote defining why Black Comix are important to you. 4. Attach a clear high-res picture of yourself. 5. Attach at least 2 images of your comic.