"Young or old, the Kid In you never Dies. That's the philosophy behind this company. I created The Power Knights when I was 11 years old. In those years creating comics on a professional level was just a dream. I felt I owed my younger self the opportunity to make it a reality."


Welcome to KID! 

Our mission here at KID is simple; have fun making the coolest comics on Earth. That means comics of quality and care that are intended to entertain you in the way only comic books can. This is SEQUENTIAL ART harking back to the days of genre pushing masters like  Jack Kirby and community building influences by black owned creators such as, the legendary founders of Milestone Comics . KID is about the synergy created by graphics, words and the readers' imagination.

We are betting there is a new generation of readers who are hungry for new experiences in the comic book format. Hungry for new heroes, new villains and new worlds to populate their imaginations. We are here to entertain you, let's get started!

Keithan Jones

Owner/Founder of KID Comics